The One Left Behind

The One Left Behind –


4 Responses to “The One Left Behind”

  1. Samuel Houston Says:

    Pershun and Woodrow where brothers from Cartersville Louisiana and two former football players from Plain Dealing High School. Pershun has just returned home from WWII and alll Pershun wanted was to forget about his famous child hood that everyone keeps reminding him about. Pershun was was injured during the war and feels guilty because his brother ,Woodrow, joined the frontline to feel like he was doing something important In the Philippines.

  2. Paul Nwokedi Says:

    “The One Left Behind” is an interesting narrative of identical twins Pershing and Woodrow. They were not just identical, they were Siamese twins. Growing up ovation was loudest for them. They both excelled in sports and they were the apple of the heart of Plain Dealing, La. As age creeped up on them lives took a different turn from their dreams. The death of Woodrow packed a combo punch much more powerful than Mohammed Ali, George Foreman and Mike Tyson that sent Pershing to his grave.

  3. Reece Speight Says:

    This story was the perfect build up to a sad story. Being an only child I have a natural apprehension to losing close ones. Losing a brother especially a twin is literally losing half of yourself. Pershing tried to maintain his sanity with the death of his twin but the pain was just insurmountable

  4. Taylor Roberson Says:

    This narrative was very touching. “The One Left Behind” is a narrative about twin brothers, Pershun and Woodrow, who had a successful youth. Their lives took a downward spiral when Woodrow was killed when they went away to war. Pershun returned home and his life was basically nothing without his brother. Once he died doctors still weren’t sure of what may have caused his death, but one sure thing is that all the built up emotions of loosing his twin sent him to an early grave.

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