Guide to making a documentary film

Alandrea added this comment but I’m afraid you might not have seen it. It’s a two page summary on how to write a documentary film proposal. It’s in the pages section on the right. I found it on the Internet and it made sense.

Alandrea makes a good point, which is follow the directions. Don’t make up your own way to write a proposal. Take the advice of experts. The point is to imitate professionals. Is this destructive of creative vision? Originality? Personal vision?

I don’t think so. First master the rules. Then as you grow professionally, you will learn how to bend and use the rules in a more creative way.

Alandrea Pfeifer Says:

If anyone is thinking about doing an interview for this paper, I found that maybe making a documentary for your CM699 project may be the easiest route because you will already have all the vital information for your proposal (which Dr Berryhill included a great documentary proposal example on the main page) . Just a thought!


2 Responses to “Guide to making a documentary film”

  1. Nakia Cooper Says:

    I’m trying to stick to the rules and follow format. It is tough, because sometimes you confuse the VISION in your head for what you HOPE will be your “masterpiece” with the structure of the work.

    • Alandrea Pfeifer Says:

      I definitely agree that sometimes it may get hard with trying to keep your vision clear but I feel as though if you are realistic and reasonable with yourself as well as following a good guide, where ever it may come from, you will soon find a kind of ease about it. For instance, I am not a good descriptive writer but over the last few weeks, I have been reading several things that are like what I want to do and I’ve gathered my own blueprint. It’s not made up completely and it does help guide me. The biggest challenge thus far is that documentaries are so unpredictable but I’ve found that to actually be the fun part.

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