Write write write and read read read

Dear Writers:

Tale a moment to read the comments section about the story. You have to click on the link.

Do you have a good place in which to work, and a time allotted? I mean a table or a desk where you are alone and quiet. Where you feel good when you sit there. Allot some time to do this.

I recommend you mark up or highlight the handouts. Solidify the points in your mind by writing them down on a card or paper. See how they apply to your story idea.

Think about your character. What do you know about him or her? Use some of those questions for the profile in Blundell’s handout, and check out the Aristotelian notes on character, such as nutrition and locomotion.  Both played a major role in the Edward Jones story. The lines on Kool-aid and beer are hilarious. And his car. All those things that give us a sense of a character’s mind and values. As Syd Field writes: KNOW YOUR CHARACTER.

This is what I mean by planning a story.

And more advice. Don’t put this off. Don’t wait until the last minute. Work on this every day. A half hour or an hour.


4 Responses to “Write write write and read read read”

  1. Latoya Thorns Says:

    I received my materials yesterday and I am going through them now. I want to be able to grasp this writing concept and also getting back to my reading. Thank you for the help.

  2. Alandrea Pfeifer Says:

    If anyone is thinking about doing an interview for this paper, I found that maybe making a documentary for your CM699 project may be the easiest route because you will already have all the vital information for your proposal (which Dr Berryhill included a great documentary proposal example on the main page) . Just a thought!

    • Tiana Hogans Says:

      I don’t feel as if it is destructive to the creative thought i feel that following the passage will sharpen your “writing” side allowing for more creative energy to flow. Im doing a documentary for my project and following the blueprint given is helping strengthen my message.

  3. Guide to making a documentary film | Art of Narrative JOUR 505, Texas Southern University Says:

    […] Alandrea Pfeifer Says: June 17, 2017 at 6:21 pm | Reply   edit […]

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