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Final comments

December 17, 2015

Dear Writers,

I have entered grades for your work. There is some terrific stuff here. I plan to take some time with your stories to read and comment in detail. The grade is an indication. But the real work begins as we dig into the stories individually. Some of you may become my advisees for the master’s project. I hope so. I will be reading your stories and get back to you with detailed comments and ideas on revisions. Some of you may want to make this piece the foundation of your master’s project. I have been impressed with your work, persistence and how many of you have overcome the intimidating goal of writing a piece of long form writing. This is just the beginning. You will get stronger and stronger the more you do this. Congratulations.



No class tonight

December 3, 2015

Send me your draft and set up an appointment! I announced this last week but neglected to post it on the blog.